Deciding to leave an abusive relationship is difficult for many reasons. One factor that can complicate leaving is a victim’s concern for a pet that cannot be left behind. Victim Witness Services understands the challenge this presents and has implemented the Pets, Too! program to help make the decision to leave a little easier. The Pets, Too! program provides a safe place for a victim’s pet while they are transitioning through a crisis.


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Pets, Too! allows individuals who are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or other traumatic incident to temporarily place their cherished pet in a free, local, safe haven. Animals are housed in a Pet’s, Too! participating shelter at an undisclosed location, away from harm. A victim must complete an intake form with Victim Witness Services.


sissy the mare

If would like to make a donation to the Pet’s, Too! Program, please visit the donation page.


Do you or someone you know need Pets, Too!?


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