Completing the circle: working with offenders

The Domestic Violence (DV) Impact Panel is a strategy/approach employed within the restorative justice process. At VWS, we recognize that restorative justice does not work for everyone, but can have in impact.


Restorative Justice
Restorative justice is a process through which remorseful offenders accept responsibility for their misconduct to those injured and to the community that, in response allows the reintegration of the offender into the community. The emphasis is on restoration: restoration of the offender in terms of their self-respect, restoration of the relationship between offender and victims, as well as restoration of both offenders and victims within the community. VWS believes in the ultimate aim of restorative justice, which is the aim of healing. Restorative justice is congruent with the Ecological Model of service provision, a key philosophy of VWS.






DV Impact Panel The DV Impact Panel is a forum to present information to offenders of domestic violence about the effect of their behavior on others, as well as to discuss strategies for changing their behavior. Survivors of domestic violence share their personal stories of the impact of domestic violence on their lives. Volunteers from a variety of law enforcement and treatment professions share their knowledge and expertise on Domestic Violence and related issues.

In partnership with Coconino County Probation Department, the DV Impact Panel is one session out of eleven.  The other ten sessions are court-mandated counseling sessions designed to assist with the reduction of recidivism.

The DV Impact Panel is held once every quarter.



Do you or someone you know need information about the DV impact panel?   Call Victim Witness Services at: 928.856.7676





In partnership with Coconino County Probation,  VWS is currently rebuilding our DUI prevention efforts!  Stay tuned!


VWS is also looking deeper into restorative justice models-  the possibilities are endless!



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