Crime Victim Compensation


The Crime Victim Compensation Program is state and federal money set aside to assist victims of crime with out-of-pocket expenses that are a direct result of a crime. Victims must apply for compensation in the county in which the crime occurred and must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The crime occurred in Arizona.

  • The crime is reported to law enforcement within 72 hours of discovery, unless there is good cause for the delay.

  • An application for the program is filed within 2 years of the discovery of the crime, unless there is good cause for the delay.

  • The victim cooperates with law enforcement.

  • The victim suffers physical injury or extreme mental distress as a direct result of the crime.

  • The victim incurs economic loss as a direct result of the crime, which is not covered by a collateral source.

The Crime Victim Compensation Program is not a guaranteed payment source, as funds are very limited. Compensation can cover medical costs, counseling, funeral expenses, limited expenses for crime scene clean up and lost wages. It cannot pay for property loss/repair, pain and suffering, attorney fees, or copying fees. Persons serving a sentence in a detention facility, home arrest, or work furlough are not eligible to receive compensation for victimization.

To obtain an application for Victim Compensation:

  • Contact Victim Witness Services to request an application by mail

  • Visit us during office hours to pick one up in person.

  • "Fillable" English/Spanish online Application: Victim Compensation Application (Will need to be printed and signed)

  • Advocates are available to assist victims with the application process.

For more information:

Visit Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

Agenda and Public Meeting Notice

Disclosure Statement

 Victim Compensation Board of Directors:

Board Members for the Crime Victim Compensation Board are appointed by the County Attorney.


William Ring (non-voting member)
Coconino County Attorney, Coconino County Attorney’s Office


Tami Suchowiejko(non-voting member)
Senior Manager, Coconino County Attorney’s Office

Courtney Carver- Voting Board Member
Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology and Social Work (NAU)

Richard Haag- Voting Board Member
Doctor of Dental Surgery (Retired)

Lynn Jones- Voting Board Member
Professor Director, Graduate Program in Applied Criminology (NAU)

Bert McKinnon- Voting Board Member
Surgical Specialist, Orthopedic Surgeon (Retired)

Ed Vesely- Voting Board Member
Sergeant, Coconino County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)

Lina Wallen- Voting Board Member
Court Appointed Special Advocate, Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

Do you or someone you know need information on the Compensation Program or assistance in filling out the application? 

Call us at:  928-856.7676

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