Case Management

Advocates provide basic case management services in a holistic, person-centric approach, empowering a victim to establish goals and indicators for their healing and recovery. Advocates support victims in considering their options and understanding available resources and services. Advocates can facilitate wrap-around support through referrals to partner agencies, education on process, mediation with employers or professors or landlords, and connection to safe shelter.


Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.


Philosophy of Case Management

The underlying premise of case management is based on the fact that when an individual reaches the optimum level of wellness and functional capability, everyone benefits: the individuals being served, their support systems, the health care delivery systems and the various reimbursement sources.


Case management serves as a means for achieving client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources and service facilitation. The case manager helps identify appropriate providers and facilities throughout the continuum of services, while ensuring that available resources are being used in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to obtain optimum value for both the client and the reimbursement source. Case management services are best offered in a climate that allows direct communication between the case manager, the client, and appropriate service personnel, in order to optimize the outcome for all concerned.




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