Values and Guiding Principles

Our Values are the foundation of our organization and guide our thinking, actions, decisions, responses and priorities.


Self Care as a Lifestyle We believe taking care of ourselves will lead to a stronger, healthier, and more effective team of advocates. We recognize that personal and organizational well-being are paramount to the quality of life of advocates and the quality of support to victims.


Integrity We consistently uphold honesty, genuineness and accountability. Our foundation is a strong work ethic, grounded in a steadfast adherence to respectful and ethical practice.


Community We believe in fostering connections among individuals to build a community dedicated to our mission and vision. We also believe in working with and being of service to the many communities with whom we work. We acknowledge the personal power of individuals and groups, seeing each as capable of exerting individual and collective agency in the advancement of healthy and safe communities.


Collaboration We believe when individuals act together, social change can occur. We value working respectfully with others toward common goals. We believe we are stronger together and that unified action is essential to increase the impact of our collective work.


Creativity We believe expansive, imaginative thinking and action generate powerful and innovative solutions. We value the time, space and freedom that allow creativity to bloom.


Possibility We challenge ourselves individually and organizationally to look past constraints—striving to be our best through consciously taking risks. In the spirit of innovation, we commit to pushing the boundaries of not just what is doable, but what is possible.




Guiding Principles
Our Guiding Principles serve as a compass both individually and organizationally. They are the application of our core beliefs that help to shape and direct our work. We approach all we do and every decision we make with the Guiding Principles in mind.


Person Centric Focus The cornerstones of our survivor-centric approach are safety, trust and support. We believe it takes courage and strength to survive, seek help and heal from violence. We are led by the voices of survivors, centering our work around their experiences and perspectives. With our empowerment-based approach, we prioritize the needs and requests of survivors and support their discovery of personal power and choice.

Inherent with a person centric focus is a holistic approach, which is predicated upon the understanding that each individual defines their own healing path. We promote an understanding that acknowledges the numerous ways individuals experience and express trauma as adaptive and natural. We honor all paths to health and well being with equal value and respect. We value the fullness of a person's being, believing the whole self encompasses the emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical and psychological aspect of health and well being. We view each individual as inherently whole and healthy.


Cultural Competency We strive to develop insight and analyses about cultural differences among people, social groups and institutions. We challenge ourselves to learn about the differences between peoples that are often constructed by history and societal structures. We commit to acting respectfully on our evolving awareness but not leading, intruding upon or defining the experiences of those in other social or cultural groups.


Evidence-Informed Innovation We commit to being guided by research and evaluation, adhering to and setting standards of excellence in our work. We actively integrate the best available research with survivor experiences, community input and professional expertise to guide all programs and operations.  We recognize the need to innovate and create thus embracing promising practices. We question the ways we are accustomed to operating—continually striving to improve our services, our organization, and our movement. We set high expectations for each other and ourselves to honor those we are dedicated to serving. Our commitment to evidence-informed innovation can be seen in the cutting-edge methodologies and approaches that currently drive our services (or efforts), such as: trauma-informed care, empowerment model, ecological model and restorative justice.


Community Engagement and Mobilization We work cooperatively in the effort to end violence. We strive to create programs that are replicable and broadly applicable, openly sharing our knowledge and resources. We engage partners from both the public and private sectors with the conviction that addressing our issues and supporting victims of crime is a shared responsibility. We implement and promote practices that cultivate individual, organizational and community well being. We believe in setting clear, reasonable expectations for ourselves and others, recognizing this is necessary to do our work sustainably and collaboratively. Community mobilization is essential to sustained community change.

We seek to nourish our constituents, our communities and ourselves. We acknowledge the importance of asking for and/or offering help in order to continually strive for balance, excellence and flexibility.


Transparency We strive to create an environment that clearly defines our practices and fosters a free exchange of ideas. We commit to open and clear communication that promotes sincere, honest interactions. We see providing and receiving feedback—both positive and constructive—as an invaluable practice. We share information in order to facilitate collaboration and accountability. We agree to actively work toward the timely resolution of any conflict, misunderstanding or misperception, or choose to let it go. We welcome different perspectives, believing that variety in our experiences, backgrounds, approaches and opinions enriches all of us and all we do.


Individual and Organizational Well-Being We strive to bring a sense of presence to our work that is rooted in self-awareness, health and balance. We challenge ourselves to act respectfully, thoughtfully and consciously. We assume well about each other, focusing on the positive and putting our energies into constructive behavior. We recognize that being thankful is fundamental to health and well-being. We therefore commit to practicing gratitude, striving to convey appreciation of ourselves, each other, our communities and those we serve. We are guided by whether our actions are good for clients/victims, good for staff, good for the organization, and good for the community.

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