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Self-Care is not about Self-Indulgence, it's about Self-Preservation. ~Audrey Lorde



What is Vicarious Trauma?

Healing Beyond Borders

Why is Self-Care Important?

Emotional First Aid: Self-Care for the Wounded Psyche

Heart of Healing

 How do I know that I am practicing good Self-Care?



25 (Science Suppported) Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

Did you Know Gratitude Makes You Happier?

The Power of Vulnerability - It's the Jumping Off Point to JOY




 Inspiring Books!

Self-Care in a Nutshell

University of Buffalo Self-Care Kit

The Trauma Stewardship Institute

Trauma Stewardship Youtube

It is Ethically a Responsiblity to Practice Self-Care

Martydom is NOT Love


If you would like to talk to us about how to create a self-care plan or how to institutionalize vicarious trauma prevention into your agency give us a call at 928.679.7770 or email us at








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