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The residual mental, physical and spiritual effects of interpersonal violence can permeate the daily lives of survivors, making it difficult to heal. For some, there are severe effects in the immediate aftermath that may or may not last with a victim. For others, the effects come in waves and are not felt until the shock of the event wears off.


It is common for a victim to experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), sleep disorders, substance abuse, depression, self-injurious behavior, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, flashbacks, anxiety and body memories. Victim Witness Services’ 24/7 Crisis Response is an immediate intervention and our highly skilled crisis responders are trained to assist a victim as they try to navigate the first 24 hours after victimization, which also increases the chances of a successful prosecution.


Our Victim Advocates deliver interpersonal violence services that include assisting a victim in healing, developing a strong positive coping mechanism, participating in the criminal process and education of the importance of after-care. VWS believes that when someone is in a state of trauma, having an advocate there to assist and educate is essential. VWS recognizes there have been great strides in the field of trauma intervention techniques. Through our commitment to Evidence Based Practices, VWS will continually evolve and improve because of the emphasis on reading, measuring and allowing the evidence to inform practice.


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Coconino County Behavioral Resources

Native Americans for Community Action Mental Health Program (Flagstaff): 928.526.2698

Northern Arizona Substance Abuse Services (Flagstaff): 928.773.9376

North Country Community Health Center Flagstaff: 928.213.6100

The Guidance Center –Substance Abuse Services (Flagstaff): 928.527.1899

The Guidance Center –Substance Abuse Services (Williams): 928.527.1899

Flagstaff Medical Center – Behavioral Health Services: 928.213.6300

Catholic Charities Community Services (Flagstaff): 928.774.9125

Southwest Behavioral Health (Flagstaff): 928.779.4550T


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