When You Leave

Make a safer exit plan to include how and where you will escape quickly.  Call us and we can help you make a plan for safer exit for you, your children and/or pets.



You may request a police escort or stand-by when you leave. If you have to leave in a hurry, use the following list of items as a guide to what you need to bring with you. Our advocates can help you come up with a personalized safety plan for leaving.



Check List of important things to take with you:

1) Identification

  • Driver’s license

  • Birth certificate and children’s birth certificates

  • Social security cards

  • Financial information

  • Money and/or credit cards (in your name)

  • Checking and/or savings account books

2) Legal Papers

  • Protective order

  • Copies of any lease or rental agreements or the deed to your home

  • Car registration and insurance papers

  • Health and life insurance papers

  • Medical records for you and your children

  • School records

  • Work permits/Green Card/Visa

  • Passport

  • Divorce and custody papers

  • Marriage license

3) Emergency Numbers

  • Your local police and/or sheriff’s department

  • Your local domestic violence program or shelter

  • Friends, relatives and family members

  • Your local doctor’s office and hospital

  • County and/or District Attorney’s Office

4) Other

  • Medications

  • Extra set of house and car keys

  • Valuable jewelry

  • Pay-as-you-go cell phone

  • Address book

  • Pictures and sentimental items

  • Several changes of clothes for you and your children

  • Emergency money

  • Things for your children: favorite stuffed animals and/or blankets

  • Things for your pets, see Pets Too!

If you or someone you know needs help creating a safer exit plan:
call us at 928.856.7676 or Get Help Now!

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