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There is now a significant amount of data that confirms that dogs (pets) are good for psychological health and may increase,  not only quality of life,  but also the longevity.


Since Fanta, K-9 Victim Advocate,  arrived at Victim Witness Services in September of 2015, we have all witnessed first hand her ability to warm hearts,  calm souls, and inspire joy. Not only in her particular caseload (children who ,have been traumatized),  but in all of our clients. Further, it has been fun watching our partners and staff react to Fanta.

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We were inspired by Court house dogs around the country and have been on a waiting list for several years to receive one of these very special dogs. Testifying in court can be one of the most scary and terrifying ordeals a victim of crime may have to face- after all, the accused are just feet away. For many, Court house dogs are proving to be one of the most effective Victim Advocates out there.


We love Fanta and would encourage you to come to the office and visit with her anytime!

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If you would like to learn more about Fanta,  Call us at 928-679-7770  or email us at victimwitness@coconino.az.gov




Hollie Vargas is the Sexual Violence Crime Victim Advocate, and
is Fanta's primary partner.


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