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Like every agency - we have some wishes!



Emergency Financial Assistance Program
(the first 24 hours after crisis):


Crisis situations come in so many different forms and impact people whose lives are riddled with countless and unimaginable complexities.   With immediate and flexible financial support,  VWS is able to meet some of the most challenging needs that allow our clients to transcend the immediate circumstance.

We need flexible funds to enable to pay for things that other programs won't pay for.

For example-   Suicide clean-up
When one has lost someone they love to suicide,  they should not have to clean the scene-  yet it can be very expensive to hire professionals.  We would like to be able to assist.   Our ideal world is that we would provide a hotel and food for the survivors while we ensure the scene is cleaned up.   Only flexible funds would allow for that.


Gift Cards:
♥Safeway or Fry's (to address immediate food or gas needs)

♥Bus Passes (to help someone get to court or case management)

♥Cash/Visa Cards (to purchase bed nights for victims of crime)

♥Cash/Visa Cards  (to support volunteer program)

♥Cash/Visa Cards  (to support community outreach)



Gift Certificates:
♥24 hour restaurants (to feed victims of crime during off hours)

♥Hotel bed nights (to shelter victims of crime during the first 24 hours)

If you would like to Donate to Victim Witness Services:

"Yes! I would like my gift to go to Victim Witness!"

Address:   201 E. Birch Ave.,  Suite 4   |  Flagstaff  AZ  |  86001

Phone Number:   928.679.7770

Email address:   jengland@coconino.az.gov

EIN Number:   86-0481748

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